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Down-East Village Restaurant is known far and wide for its excellent cuisine. We offer a range of beautifully prepared selectinos to delight and taste, including fresh seafood, which makes up a large part of our menu. You'll find the atmospher of the colonial, pine-paneled dining room reminiscent of Yarmouth's long ago shipbuilding days. There are hundreds of things to see and do, all winthin minutes. Shopping at Freeport's legendary outlets and of course the famous L.L. Bean, just 10 minutes away. Portland Historic Old Port offers culutre, entertainment, dinning, and shopping and is also only 10 minutes away, You might take an excursion boat cruise around Casco Bay's Calendar islands, or maybe you'd enjoy the many festivals held around the state all through the summer and into the fall. or Perhaps you'd like to get to know the natural beauty of Main by visition some of the state parks and beaches in the area.
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